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What is Quadpay and how does Quadpay work?

Quadpay is a service we have partnered with to offer our shoppers the ability to split their order total into four equal payments, paying every two weeks. To sign up for Quadpay all you need is your name, phone number, and debit/credit card. There is no credit check performed and no long forms. The best part is, you get your items shipped before you even finish paying your total! 

What metals are your jewelry made of?

The metals we use for our jewelry are 925 Sterling Silver and Real Gold (10k-14k). We do not use cheap metal alloys like brass, copper, or zinc.

Will your jewelry turn my skin green?

No, our jewelry will not turn your skin green or irritate your skin since we only use real precious metals. Sterling Silver and Gold are safe for anyone to wear and will not cause any discoloration or rash on the skin.

Can your jewelry get wet?

Yes! You can wear our jewelry in the shower, rain, etc. Our jewelry is made to last. If you purchase items that are Sterling Silver dipped in gold we recommend to simply wipe off all the moisture of your jewelry frequently to keep that perfect gold shine.

What stones do you use on your jewelry?

We use Lab Simulated Stones and Genuine Diamonds. We offer Genuine Diamonds for our higher end jewelry, but of course the price will be higher. Our Lab Simulated Stones are a great option for those who can’t afford Genuine Diamonds or simply don’t want to spend the extra money for real diamonds. Our  lab stones shine the exact same as real diamonds and sometimes better for a fraction of the cost. Keep in mind you can still get REAL GOLD with lab stones. 

If you have any questions that are not mentioned here, feel free to contact us on Instagram @RagetownJewelers or email us ragetownjewelers@gmail.com